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Who we are: Subdomain Ltd" is a New Plymouth based internet promotion and hosting agency established in 2015.

What we do We produce a information directory of your region published on the World Wide Web. This is a showcase of the vast range of products, services and activities available in this beautiful region to provide information to tourists, relocators and locals. We also set up and host incredibly simple websites that load very fast, easy to navigate, compatible with mobile devices, and rank well in search engines by utilising the your regions .info domain name
What this can do for you This gives you the chance to have a website and raise the profile of your business very inexpensively
What we include for this service A business listing on your regions .info directory,subdoman named website three pages"landing, contact,FAQs" data input & web hosting, NZ$10 incl GST setup fee, first 2 months free then NZ$7.50 incl GST a month.
What about Editing infoIt is important that information on your regions .info is up to date and accurate. We can make small changes quickly and free of charge. Major changes will incur a $10 incl GST charge.
Who will use your regions .infoIt is aimed at - local users, national visitors, international visitors and potential relocators to this city.
Telephone: 022 6533648